About BioTrade2020plus

The main aim of BioTrade2020plus is to provide guidelines for the development of a European Bioenergy Trade Strategy for 2020 and beyond. It shall ensure that imported biomass feedstock is sustainably sourced and used in an efficient way, while avoiding distortion of other markets. The project has the following specific objectives:

  1. Determine sustainable potentials of lignocellulosic biomass in the main sourcing regions outside the EU and definition and application of sustainability criteria and indicators.
  2. Give insights in possible availability and indicative costs of sustainably produced lignocellulosic biomass from the main sourcing regions outside the EU, including interactions with demand from other sectors and other regions.
  3. Provide European industry with transparent information to identify, quantify and mobilize sustainable and resource efficient lignocellulosic biomass resources from the main export regions to the EU to complete their biomass supply needs by means of a user friendly interactive tool based on GIS and an integrated user interface. This includes a SWOT analysis of the selected supply chains.
  4. Create a policy strategy to promote the use of bioenergy, ensuring a sustainable and fair supply market from outside the EU to complement the existing demand without halting domestic production.

This is accomplished by an analysis of the sustainability risks of current and future lignocellulosic biomass and bioenergy carriers. Focus is on wood chips, pellets, torrefied biomass and pyrolysis oil from current and potential future major sourcing regions of the world (Canada, US, Russia, Ukraine, Latin America, Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa). The following activities are implemented:

  • Assessment of sustainable potentials of lignocellulosic biomass in the main sourcing regions outside the EU
  • Definition and application of sustainability criteria and indicators
  • Analysis of the main economic and market issues of biomass imports to the EU from the target regions
  • Development of a user friendly web based GIS-tool on lignocellulosic biomass from target regions
  • Information to European industries to mobilize sustainable lignocellulosic biomass resources from export regions
  • Policy advise on long-term strategies to include sustainable biomass imports in European bioenergy markets
  • Involvement of stakeholders through consultations and dedicated workshops

BioTrade2020plus is supported by the Intelligent Energy for Europe Programme of the European Commission. The BioTrade2020plus consortium includes seven European partners and is coordinated by the National Renewable Energy Centre (CENER), Biomass Department, Spain. The project runs from March 2014 to August 2016 and has the Contract No. 675534.