WG1: Importers & end-users

Today in the EU, the cost-effective achievement of existing and future bioenergy targets set in the legislation implies that in addition to using domestic sustainable and cost-competitive biomass potentials, European markets will also (partly) rely on sustainable and cheap(er) imports of biomass. This Working Group addresses European importers and end users as key target group.

Specific focus of WG1:

  • Future demand of lignocellulosic biomass imports into European markets
  • Promising market sectors within the bio-based economy
  • Cost targets of imported biomass
  • Quality requirements of imported biomass
  • Sustainability requirements of imported biomass

Members of WG1:

  • Mr Hugo du Mez, Port of Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  • Mr Michael Wild, Internat. Biomass Torrefaction Council, Wild&Partner KG, Austria
  • Ms Beatriz Alonso, Abengoa Bioenergy, Spain
  • Ms Margarita de Gregorio, BIOPLAT -Spanish Bioenergy platform, Spain
  • Mr Maarten Gnoth, GDFSuez, The Netherlands
  • Mr Oscar Lumbreras, Acciona Energy, Spain
  • Mr Yves Ryckmans, Laborelec / Electrabel, Belgium